Driving Directions: From Girona Airport

Motorway route taking 2.5 hours entailing toll fees of €16.35.

Follow airport exit signs.

Follow signs for AP-7 E-15.

Stay on AP-7 for 212kms until exit 38.

At the toll station before the exit stay in the right hand side booths as you will be taking exit 38 immediately afterwards, heading towards C-44 Mora.

Turn left at the roundabout and left again, following signs for C-44 Mora.

Stay on the C-44 for about 26 kms passing through three villages and by-passing Tivissa.

Road kilometre markers are on the right hand side of the road and at the T-junction, which is after the 26 km marker, turn left signposted C-12 Ginestar Tortosa.

At this point please ring us on (+34) 977 46 2007 so that we will know when you are arriving.

You will follow the C-12 for about 19 kms. 

The road kilometre markers are now on left hand side of the road. After the 45 kilometre marker, as you get to the top, there is a look out picnic area on the right hand side if you would like to stop for a minute or two. As you look to the far left of the river, the finca is just beyond the turn on the opposite side of the river.

If we are meeting you in the village - After the 42 kilometre marker, immediately before the bridge, turn left onto the T-301/T-302 signposted Benifallet. Drive slowly through the village, past the co-operatives and we will be waiting for you outside the bar on the left hand side of the road.

If we are not meeting you in the village – After the 42 kilometre marker continue over the bridge. IMMEDIATELY after the bridge at the gap in the metal railings, take a very sharp right hand turn. We will be waiting there for you.