El Pinell de Brai

The village of El Pinell de Brai is just a short 9 minute drive from Benifallet and is well worth a visit to wander its quirky streets and visit the magnificent wine cellar.

The castle of El Pinell is documented for the first time in 1153, when Ramon Berenguer issued a letter on behalf of the Templars. At the beginning of the 14th century, control over this territory passed into the hands of the Hospitallers.

In recent times, as with all the towns in the Terra Alta, El Pinell de Brai suffered the consequences of the Battle of the Ebro and for more information you should check out the Battle of the Ebro section.

The houses in the older part of the town are situated on top of a 100 metre rocky cliff, beside a precipice, and for this reason they are known by the name of the Cases Penjades (Overhanging Houses). The streets in the town are sloping and irregularly laid out, a testimony to their medieval past. Of its archways, only one remains, the Porxo del Llop (Archway of the Wolf) in the Carrer Barreres. The parish church of Sant Llorenç was constructed during the 17th century.

The magnificent building of the co-operative cellars was built between 1917 and 1922 having been designed by Cèsar Martinell, a disciple of Gaudí. The Barcelona artist, Xavier Nogués, was responsible for the 45 metre long frieze on the main facade.