Mora d’Ebre

The towns of Mora d’Ebre and Mora La Nova are about a 25 minute drive away, the latter being the easiest place for a train to Barcelona.

The history of Mora d’Ebre is characterized by the co-existence of three cultures, Christian, Jewish and Arabic. In the 15th century a census was taken by the church, synagogue and mosque in Móra and records show that the population consisted of 34 Jewish families, 51 Saracens and 130 Christians. This harmonious living is celebrated every year in July at the local fiesta, Mora Morisca. With parades, music, dance, a medieval market of local handicrafts and food, even a falconry exhibition, it is one of the most popular of the many town fiestas.

There is an easy signposted walk around the town which will take about 4 hours. For full details click here.

For cyclists, there is a partially signposted bicycle ride from Mora d’Ebre to the sanctuary of Sant Jeroni, details of which you can find in the cycling section