Only a 17 minute drive away from Benifallet is Gandesa, an important town in the history of Spanish Wars. Because of its resistance during the first Carlist war, the town received the title of “Very Loyal, Heroic and Immortal City of Gandesa”.

In the Battle of the Ebro, during the Spanish Civil War, the town became the target of Republican troops positioned in the Pàndols and Cavalls mountains, but was never conquered . There is a small museum  where a wide range of resources help explore the conflicts between the ideologies.  It appears that it is only open at weekends but we have yet to find it open.  Perhaps a question to be asked at the Tourist Office.

The first written mention of the town goes back to the year 1153, when it was donated by Ramon Berenguer IV to the Templars as an integral part of the extensive district of Miravet.

The old town was fortified until the 19th century and the centre of the old quarter is the Plaça de l'Església, which has conserved some arcaded stretches. An example of Catalan Gothic civil architecture is the town hall, Casa de la Villa. It dates from the 15th century and has windows ornamented with finely worked columns and capitals. Also in the square is the church of l'Assumpció, from the 17th century.

If you walk through the streets around Plaça de l'Església, you will notice some outstanding buildings like Casa dels Liori, Casa dels Sunyer, Casa dels Barons de Purroi or Casa de Ca l'Inquisidor.

Carrer del Castell is a magnificent street with a Mediaeval atmosphere where you will find the jail which was once the palace of the knights of the Order of the Hospital of Saint John. It has conserved some Gothic elements, such as a door with a pointed arch and two large windows. In the 17th century it was rebuilt as a prison and continued to be used as such until 1841.

One of the architectural gems not to be missed is the beautiful co-operative wine cellar built in 1919 by Cèsar Martinell, one of Gaudí’s disciples. Check a recommended drive in the Wine section which covers the three Terra Alta wine cellars.

For the trivia fans, one of the most notable historical events that took place in Gandesa was the royal wedding between the heir to the Crown of Aragon, Prince James II, and Leonor, the daughter of Ferdinand IV of Castile. This marriage is known as the “Farce of Gandesa” since it never came to be consummated.

Close by is the spa of La Fontcalda with it’s hot springs of mineral and thermal water so don't forget your swimming things when you come to visit!