Catfish and carp fishing are the main interests on the River Ebro and here, in the Lower Ebro Valley, Catalunya, the fishing is perfect for the serious angler.

The Wels Catfish isn’t a native of the area. It was actually introduced in the 1970’s for sports fishing and has no natural predators, with the result that the Ebro is now considered by most anglers to be the best catfishing area in the whole of Europe. With their long lifespan and a huge carp population to feed on, they are growing to massive sizes (at a rate of 10lbs a year), making fishermen very happy but the Catalan authorities, not so much!

So be prepared for the messy and mighty task of landing one of the 7ft monsters; remember, catching one may not be the biggest problem, you then have to be able to land it!

If you’re not interested in the hard work involved in fishing for “cats”, relax and enjoy a day by the river or on the river, you will be amazed at the quantity of other fish waiting for you. 

Fishing License

Before you arrive, we suggest that you email us with all your details so that we can obtain your fishing licenses thereby wasting no time once you get to the Ebro River.

The 2018 license fees are:

15 day: €10

1 year: €20

2 year: €31

3 year: €43

4 year: €50

Tackle and Boat Hire

It is recommended that you bring your own fishing tackle as, if you are not taking guided fishing, there are no rental facilities in Benifallet itself.

The closest rental company is the nearby village of Ginestar, (15 kms away), and you would need to make arrangements beforehand by contacting Peter.

You can contact him by:

Spanish Mobile: +34 603 37 46 04

Fishing Guides

The best catfishing experience is to be had on a guided boat trip which can work out to be great value if there are a few of you. The price of around €200 a day for up to 3 anglers (less than €70 per person) is for 8 hours on the river with all the bait you will need and specialised cat fishing tackle (rods, reels, lines and hooks).

There are a two choices for local guides in Benifallet:

Peter Evans

Peter has lived and guided in Benifallet for over 15 years.

Rob Marsh

Rob has lived and guided in Benifallet for 8 years.

Both Peter and Rob are highly recommended and possess a wealth of information on the fishing in this area. The timing of boat trips will largely depend on fishing conditions at the time, so could often be from 2pm until 10pm. Catches of feisty 100lb+ catfish are regularly achieved resulting in exhaustion and exhilaration.

Please contact us at for availability and booking.