Walking Trails

Benifallet is in a perfect area for walking, surrounded by hiking and rambling opportunities and situated on two of the Spanish Long Distance Caminos Naturales, the GR-7 and GR-99.

GR-7 from Andorra which winds all the way down to Andalusia.

GR-99, known as Camí Natural de l'Ebre (Ebro Natural Path), a route of 1,150 kilometres divided into 59 stretches of 20 kilometres each, which follows the river course from Reinosa, where the Ebro starts, to its mouth.

Philip and Vivien Freakley have recently published a new book entitled "Mountain Walking in Southern Catalunya". You can purchase the book at many online retailers including Amazon.co.uk. The first two chapters are available to read below:

Via Verde

The greenway or via verde, follows old railway tracks. When the trains stopped rolling over these tracks once and for all, they fell into disrepair and were forgotten. The old lines have now lost their rails, and what was once the domain of wagons and locomotives is the realm of cyclists, walkers and day-trippers. Being flat and even, they provide no technical difficulties - ideal for all kinds of people: adults, children, and the elderly and disabled too. The panels and signposts along the way will keep you constantly informed about interesting artistic locations and landscapes.

Our Via Verde is now asphalted over, and follows part of the railway track which linked the towns of Tortosa and Puebla de Hijar. The track takes you through landscapes of surprising variety, including wooded areas with impressive sheer rock faces, rural settings and virtually unspoiled natural spots, as well as taking in features of historical and cultural interest along the way. The route, taking about 3 hours to complete by bike, stretches for almost 24 km and will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Each year around the 1st June, there is an organized bicycle ride along part of the route from Tortosa to Jesus followed by breakfast and activities.

You are able to rent bicycles in the village or you can do the route on foot.

Here are some suggested hiking routes and, for all of them, arrangements can be made to drop you to the starting point and collect you at the end of your day:

Cova Picasso Itinerary

This easy 45 minute walk is signposted and starts from the La Franqueta recreation area in Els Ports Nature Park. It takes you to the Picasso Cave, named after the famous painted who spent there, and covers a distance of 3.12 kilometres.

For a full and detailed itinerary please click here.

Tivissa to Sant Blai (1hr 10mins)

This signposted route is 3.62km long and will take about 1 hour 10 minutes. The degree of difficulty is 2/4.

For a full and detailed itinerary please click here.

Mora d’Ebre to Pas de l’Ase (4hrs 30mins)

This partially signposted route takes you along old towpaths and mule tracks through a landscape of gorges and vertical walls to Pas de l’Ase. It is 17.6km long and will take about 4hours 30minutes. The degree of difficulty is 3/4.

For a map of the itinerary please click here.

Natural Parks

The Parc Natural dels Ports, Monstant Natural Park and Ebro Delta are all beautiful places to walk, whether you just take a wander through the rice paddies and admire the flamingos of the Delta, follow the signposted Flora Trails in Monstant, see the Monumental Trees in Els Ports or want something more challenging, you should check out the park links and Mountain Hiking link and make sure to visit the information centres when you arrive.

Ebro Delta Walk

To do this easy walk, you first drive to Deltebre and visit the Ebro Delta Nature Reserve Information Centre and Ecomuseum. The walk itself takes you around the Garxal lagoon and will take just over an hour covering 5.6 kilometres.

For a full and detailed itinerary click here.

Guided Treks

Beniemocions, a young and enthusiastic company in Benifallet, offer guided treks through the mountain ranges of Cavalls and Pandols where many conflicts of the civil war occurred.

They will also guide you through the Cardo mountains and the Parc Natural dels Ports.